Sonne Extended - The End

© Philip Frowein

By and with Elfriede Jelinek, Nicolas Stemann, Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel & Ensemble

At the end, an orphaned piano plays and a prehistoric tardigrade creeps across the sun-scorched stage. Is this our future? Fortunately not (yet).
But how can we find a conclusion for Jelinek's language that runs into the void? Nicolas Stemann was already pondering this question during the production and can now finally find an adequate ending for this last performance of Sonne, los jetzt! Instead, music will be played into the night after the performance, with Nicolas Stemann, Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel, the ensemble and a contribution from Elfriede Jelinek herself. Let's travel together into the darkness to spherical sounds, with old acquaintances and new texts, and defy the end of the world once again.


6 June 2024, supporting program *Happy End Closing Festival*
19:00 Kick-off with a online-keynote by James Bridle.
20:30 Sonne, los jetzt. For the very last time.
23:00 Sonne Extended - The End. Spherical sounds into the night.

A ticket for Sonne, los jetzt is also valid for the keynote and the concert Sonne Extended - The End.


  • 6 June 2024