House of Wokeness Party

POLABDUL, AKUAKU, Kombé & plus Special Guest...: Peaches!

In 2022, halfway through the directorship of Benjamin von Blomberg and Nicolas Stemann, the NZZ gave the Schauspielhaus Zürich a new title: the “House of Wokeness”. Clearly meant as a defamation, this was intended to evoke a general crisis at the Schauspielhaus. But concepts are fluid creatures with unforeseen twists and turns. The term stuck, but contrary to the NZZ's intentions, the interpretation of “House of Wokeness” was reclaimed, in new German woker language: “reclaimed”. Now, at the end of the directorship, the Schauspielhaus wears this title with pride and thanks its schöpfer. Nobody could have thought of a better title for the big closing party at the end of the directorship.

On Saturday evening, shortly before the end of the happy ending, we once again invite all friends and foes to join us in the Schiffbau box to toast the House of Wokeness and let it rip in style. In the spirit of our friend Peaches: Fuck The Pain Away. 


  • 8 June 2024