Pre-premiere - Cinema release 20 June

Argentina/Switzerland 2024
Director: Lola Arias
83 minutes
Spanish with German & French subtitles
From 16 years 

*Introduction with director Lola Arias*

Yoseli wants to go to Paris, but she is arrested at the airport for drug trafficking. Nacho is a trans man who ends up in prison for fraud. And Noelia just doesn't want to end up on the street again. Gentle or tough, blonde or shaved, cis or trans: in this hybrid musical, they all play out their true past in prison and dream of their future - in trance-balance, voguing and in a rock band.



With Lola Arias
  • 12 June 2024
  • From ages 16 and up
  • Spanish with German & French Subtitles
  • 🛈 20:30 Doors & bar

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