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Parzival ff: Sebastian Rudolph & Kim de l'Horizon

Sketches based on the verse romance by Wolfram von Eschenbach
A season-spanning play with the ensemble
Staging: Leonie Böhm

From month to month, Parzival comes to Zurich to seek out real encounters at irregular intervals in the Zeughaus on the Kasernenareal. In April, director Leonie Böhm will accompany ensemble member Sebastian Rudolph and Blutbuch author (or Blutstück performer) Kim de l’Horizon as they get to know each other, open up and treat wounds.


Kim de l’Horizon / Sebastian Rudolph
Concept & Staging
Leonie Böhm
Benjamin von Blomberg
Overall Dramaturgy
Helena Eckert
Production assistant
Louisa Raspé
  • 7. April 2024