BIPoC*-Zuschauer:innen Gruppe besucht die Inszenierung Tambourines

The new Schauspielhaus Zurich format enterspaces creates space and room where different safe spaces are created and BIPOC perspectives are heard and empowered. On February 9th 2024 enterspaces invites you to a visit to Tambourines by Trajal Harrell. With pre-get-together and follow-up discussion in a closed group and safe space.

Meeting point is at 7:30 p.m. in the Schiffbau foyer and after the performance there will be a follow-up meeting in a Safer Space.

Registration (required!) for the BIPOC*-viewer-group: enterspaces [​at​]
Max. visitors: 15
Tickets: 15chf


*BIPOC: refers to Black, Indigenous and People of Color and is a self-description of people who experience racism.