Performers Rule

© Abdelrahman Dnewar

By Tabita Johannes

If a member of the company wants to realise their own ideas without going through the theatre management, the Kammer is the place for it: Performers Rule!

The actress Tabita Johannes deals with the topic “Time out from life”: Live. Ticker. Activated. My nose is permanently blocked. I smell people with all my pores and taste the cold sweat that gives people away. (Text: Tabita Johannes)

With Tabita Johannes / Massimiliano Napoli
Staging, stage desgin, costume design
Tabita Johannes
Music & Sound
Massimiliano Napoli
Teaser, Image, Design
Abdelrahman Dnewar
Artistic Collaboration
Daniel Lommatzsch
Annina Schneggenburger / Jan Guldimann
Joaquin Rivas
Rock Battaglia
  • Premiere: 16. February 2024, Pfauen
  • 🛈 ***Trigger warning: This production contains the subjects of suicide, depictions of suicidal acts. Sensory information: Stroboscopes are used.***

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