Silent film evening: Spies by Fritz Lang

IOIC, Filmpodium X Schauspielhaus

In Fritz Lang's espionage thriller, an international secret service fights against the machinations of crime boss Haghi. Like James Bond, the agents wear numbers, are equipped with mini cameras and die mysteriously. For the soundtrack, singer Iokoi and live electronic musician Bit-Tuner team up with accordionist Jonas Kocher and record player Joke Lanz.

With Iokoi / Bit-Tuner / Joke Lanz / Jonas Kocher
Fritz Lang
Thea von Harbou / Fritz Lang
Fritz Arno Wagner
Rudolf Lien Deyers / Willy Fritsch / Georg John / Klein-Rogge / Gerda Maurus

The Silent Film Festival 2024 is curated and presented by IOIC and Filmpodium. It takes place from 18 January to 11 February at the Filmpodium, Moods and Schauspielhaus Zurich.

  • 21. January 2024

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