Porny Days X Schauspielhaus
Decolonize the Dancefloor

© Camille Lenain

By Habibitch

In Decolonize the Dancefloor, Habibitch puts concepts such as racism, privilege, dominance, resistance, creation, community(ies) under the decolonial lens. Conference and dance in one, spoken word becomes rhythm and movement on stage, where Habibitch uses different dance styles from waacking to voguing to politicise dance and dance politics. The Algerian-born, Paris-based, non-binary, queer, femme, bosse dancer and choreographer invites you to a celebration of queer bodies.

  • 90 minutes
  • 2. December 2023
  • English without surtitles
  • 🛈 From ages 18 and up
    Please note: No photos may be taken. You can leave the performance at any time.