Porny Days X Schauspielhaus

By Terre Thaemlitz

Deproduction is a video, music and text installation based on the album of the same name by award-winning multi-media producer, author and DJ Terre Thaemlitz. In radical language, Thaemlitz writes an indictment of Western ideas about family: What does it mean to consciously decide against parenthood in a world in which even LGBT agendas are increasingly concerned with family and marriage?

After the performance there will be an audience discussion, moderated by David Hunziker (culture editor WOZ). Terre Thaemlitz will be present via video call.

Terre Thaemlitz

The project was produced with the support of documenta 14 and the Academy of Arts of the World.

  • 120 minutes
  • 1. December 2023
  • From ages 18 and up
  • English without surtitles
  • 🛈 Content warning: This production contains stories of sexual violence, physical violence, racism and transphobia. This work formulates a criticism based on case studies that can potentially have a retraumatizing effect.
    Please note: No photos may be taken. You can leave the performance at any time.