Talk: shake your own space

*** The planned event of October 19 will be postponed, the new date will be communicated soon. ***

enterspaces creates room and space and builds various safer spaces where BIPoC are empowered to share their perspectives. On 19 October 2023, enterspaces invites you to a talk with Trajal Harrell and Wu Tsang in the Kammer. A conversation about redesigning one’s own spaces and redesigning old spaces, about (knowledge) traditions and intersectional visibility, about inclusion, exclusion, and continuity errors. About new ways and forms of working.

The event will be held in English.

*BIPoC: bezieht sich auf Schwarze, Indigene und People of Color und ist eine Selbstbezeichnung von Menschen, die Rassismus erfahren. / refers to Black, Indigenous and People of Color and is a self-designation of people who experience racism.


Free tickets online or at the box office
Everybody welcome!

  • English