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Moved by the Motion presents

Solo-Performances by Josh Johnson & Tosh Basco
Club Night with Asma Maroof & Guests

The performance collective Moved by the Motion describes itself as a "roving band." Since 2019, it consists of filmmaker and visual artist Wu Tsang, performance artist Tosh Basco (fky boychild), performer, dancer, and choreographer Josh Johnson, and electronic music producer and DJ Asma Maroof, who form the core artistic team at the Schauspielhaus. During the Zurich Art Weekend, they invite the audience to the Schiffbau, presenting two solo performances by Tosh Basco and Josh Johnson in the Box, followed by a DJ set by Asma Maroof in the foyer. In between performances by Tosh Basco and Josh Johnson, Patrick Belaga, also part of Moved by the Motion, will present a short cello solo.

Tosh Basco's performance is titled "Untitled b-side," which responds to an exhibition by Wu Tsang at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2021, titled "New Work: Wu Tsang Presents Moved by the Motion." Basco's ongoing "Untitled" series is rooted in improvisation. The series references the tradition of lip-syncing, deriving movement meanings from music and sound, texts and language, as well as from constructed and fractured imaginings of the world through performance. Following Basco's half-hour performance, Josh Johnson will present his own solo performance before the evening continues in the Schiffbau foyer with music by Asma Maroof.

From 20.00 to 20.25h - Tosh Basco

From 20.20 to 20.45h - Patrick Belaga

From 20.45 to 21.15h - Josh Johnson

From 21.30h - Music by Asma Maroof in Schiffbau-Foyer


With Tosh Basco / Josh Johnson / Asma Maroof / Patrick Belaga
  • 9. June 2023