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morgen, ранок, صبح, tomorrow

© Laura Kaufmann

I want my children to have a good future.
I don’t want to take over my mother’s company.
I want us never to lose sight of each other.
I want there to be no nuclear weapons.
I don’t want to be afraid anymore.
I want to take the plunge. 
я хочу, щоб ми поважали один одного 
I want to become a person who waters their plants.
I want to become a person who stands up.
I want to become.
Tomorrow will be very different.
Tomorrow is today.
داشتن یک آینده برای شما چه معنایی دارد؟

With Anaïs Glur / Hussain Naderi / Emilie Jurt / Eva Ustymenko / Julia Hasse / Sarah Koller / Serafina Dierauer / Ava Krebs
Artistic Direction
Gabi Raaflaub / Téné Ouelgo / Melanie Guntern
Luca Schäfer / Elisabeth Schüepp
Set & Costume Design
Mona Eglsoer
  • 12. May 2023

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