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Graveyard Shift: Lotic & joyo ann

Lotic's career began in the mid-2010s, when electronic music seemed to be opening up in all directions at once: similar to her companions Arca, SOPHIE or Björk, she mixes abstract rhythms, fragmented motifs from R'n'B and pop, and vocal and instrumental passages in the service of her own aspirations. She combines set pieces of black club music and culture with a personal narrative about love, longing and loss. Lotic's latest release Water, from 2021, is a tender plea for fluidity and joins an oeuvre that has always been defined by its emotionality. Live, Lotic's performances can take many forms, and on this evening she will be supported by three brass players on trumpet, tuba and flugelhorn.  

Before Lotic, joyo ann from Zurich will commence this Graveyard Shift. joyo ann has just this year released the EP Ctrl me, an unsteady collage overflowing with references to contemporary pop music. Again and again, their voice floats above the music, in "unsatisfying interactions with sound, desperately redefining identity in loops" - which makes the music an apt counterpart for the evening's other artist.

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The concert series Graveyard Shift is curated by Daniel Fontana of Bad Bonn and Mathis Neuhaus.