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Ein Abend von und mit Jenny Schily, Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel, echten und erdichteten Gästen.

In times of tweets & hashtags and poetic disconnection, when a poem has at least as much trouble as a dolphin in Lake Zurich, and at best ekes out its public existence as an invective, we reunite poetry with the spirit from which it once arose: music and mystery. The first episode of Lyrik&loops devotes itself to condensed texts from our homeland. The motto being: the more authoritarian the regime, the freer the verse. For eyes, ears and central nervous system. Eureka!

With poems by Peter Hacks, Franz Fühmann, Eva Strittmatter a.o.

With Jenny Schily, Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel
Room concept
Anka Bernstetter
  • 3 April 2020