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Graveyard Shift: Klein & Vivian Forever

To call South London-based artist Klein’s approach multidisciplinary falls short. Whether it’s her feature film debut Care, group shows with visual artists like Arthur Jafa, Christelle Oyiri, her numerous web design projects or her work in the field of film and sound, everything is constantly woven together and interweaves with each other. As a composer, Klein also brings together elements from Classical Music, Drone, Noise to rap with avant-garde methods and forms. For her 2021 album Harmattan, she became a one-person orchestra, recording everything from piano to string instruments and saxophone on her own. Klein continues to develop what it means to allow personal references to flow into collective experiences. And live? According to this principle of radical freedom, anything can happen.

Klein will be supported by Vivian Forever (fky Bunny), hailing from London, too. 


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Website of the film Care

Care is the feature length adaptation of Klein's ICA commissioned musical from 2018, and is an autobiography, musical, animation and diary entry that explores the social care system, friendship and angst through the eyes of Abike (played by Klein) who's been moved from foster home to foster home and what happens when her sister goes missing. It is an ambitious feature film debut which is written, directed, edited and scored by Klein.

Filmed throughout the Spring of 2021, the film features, amongst others, an ensemble of street casted kids as well as the musicians Mica Levi & Kwake Bass, grime MCs Musti & Kibo and the poet and scholar Fred Moten, who plays Abike's father. Illustrations are by Evie O'Connor.


The cooperation with Bad Bonn will continue in the 22/23 season. Four concerts and a festival in June 2023 will focus on the performativity of music in the context of the theater.

The concert series Graveyard Shift is curated by Daniel Fontana of Bad Bonn and Mathis Neuhaus.