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Zürich liest: Geburtstagsmatinée mit Donna Leon

Copyright Foto: Regine Mosimann, Diogenes Verlag

Give Unto Others is the title of Commissario Brunetti’s 31st case. And this year Donna Leon celebrates her 80th birthday. We congratulate her with a matinee at the Schauspielhaus Zürich. Monika Schärer, journalist, presenter and filmmaker, will host the conversation with the star author. Annett Renneberg, who portrays Signorina Elettra in the Brunetti film adaptations, will read from the novel.


Donna Leon / Annett Renneberg / Monika Schärer
  • 30. October 2022
  • Talk in English, Lecture in German
  • 🛈 No surtitles