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The Girl With The Ugly Face

© Iva Moberg

By NIE Theatre; Co-Leitung / Co-Direction: Kjell Moberg & Elisabet Topp

A production at the Blickfelder Festival

Lisa gets angry quickly. And when she gets angry, she gets very angry. She's never hit a person or thrown stones at them. But she says bad words. One day she gets so angry and says so many bad things that it prompts everyone at school to yell, "Boo, boo - you have an ugly face!". Lisa runs home feeling misunderstood by everyone. The other kids don't understand her, the teachers don't understand her, and her parents understand her the least of them all.

"The Girl With The Ugly Face" is about what anger can do to us and how we sometimes manage to make things right, even when the world feels far too big and we feel far too small.

In developing this project, Nie Theatre held workshops and conversations with children ages 6-9 about exclusion, powerlessness, and dealing with unwanted anger.