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@ Virginie Meigné

By Cie Focus & Compagnie Chaliwaté; Buch & Regie / Script & Staging: Julie Tenret, Sicaire Durieux, Sandrine Heyraud

A production at the Blickfelder Festival

An ordinary family, on an ordinary Sunday morning. Suddenly the walls begin to shake, heavy rain and massive gusts of wind start to rage outside. Simultaneously three filmmakers are trying to document the end of the world in the arctic wilderness, as they capture images of the last animals threatened by extinction.

The piece "Dimanche" paints an impressive and visually inspiring picture of a society that is being conquered by forces of nature that can no longer be controlled. The piece poses the question of how long we can hold on to ordinary Sunday activities while the world outside our windows is coming to an end. Witty and forceful, "Dimanche" urges us to be aware of the signs of global warming.