A new play

By Suna Gürler

Frühlings Erwachen was crossed out to begin with. Now, Suna Gürler’s first and award-winning production at the Pfauen has been taken off the list. Luckily, the director and her team have been thinking about a new project, one in which once again, young, non-professional players will take over the Pfauen-stage and explore their own future there, with their bodies, languages and questions about life and the world.

Suna Gürler
Stage Design
Moïra Gilliéron
Miriam Ibrahim
  • Premiere: 11. February 2023, Pfauen
  • Also interesting for ages 14 and up
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The Directors Talk
About Season 22/23

In seven short videos, Trajal Harrell, Nicolas Stemann, Yana Ross, Christopher Rüping, Suna Gürler, Wu Tsang and Stas Zhyrkov talk about their plans for the upcoming theatre season.

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