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Das neue Leben

“Where do we go from here”


Freely adapted after Dante Alighieri, Meat Loaf & Britney Spears
Based on a translation by Thomas Vormbaum
Staging: Christopher Rüping

And now, let’s imagine that we’re nine years old and meet the love of our lives. We don’t really meet her – we just get a look. But we’re stunned. At 18, we see her again: a greeting (not a kiss) from her, from far away. And actually that’s it. No word, no contact. But we will dedicate our whole life to this love.

The Italian writer Dante Alighieri felt this all-embracing longing. The 700th anniversary of his death was commemorated in 2021. The jury of the 2022 Berlin Theatertreffen wrote about this production: “The topics are true love, death and missed moments. And how they can sometimes generate art. A courageous, surprising evening of virtuoso acting and music that grabs us by our (post pandemic yearning for encounter and new beginnings, aims for our hearts and hits the bullseye.” With the Bochumer Ensemble, Christopher Rüping embarks on an exploratory journey through Dante’s world of love and that of his pop-cultural heirs, from Britney Spears to Meat Loaf. Love is everything.


With William Cooper / Viviane De Muynck / Henni Jörissen / Anne Rietmeijer / Damian Rebgetz
Christopher Rüping
Stage Design
Peter Baur
Costume Design
Lene Schwind
Jonas Holle
Piano arrangements
Paul Hankinson
Bernd Felder
Vasco Boenisch
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Assistant director
Linda Hecker
Anja Lawrenz
Stage design assistance
Lan Anh Pham
Costume design assistance
Lasha Iashvili
FSJ Costume
Jule Reichenbach
Language coaching
Roswitha Dierck
Arian Schill
Christiane Dolnik
Assistant director intern
Rasmus Geyer
Surtitle inspection
Jonas Kissel / Leonie Mevissen
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A production by Schauspielhaus Bochum ♥ Affairs
Supported by Förder Circle Schauspielhaus Zürich
Invited to 59. Berliner Theatertreffen

  • 130 Minutes, no break
  • Zürich-Premiere: 20. October 2022, Pfauen
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 13.2., 15.2. and 8.3.
Introduction: Katinka Deecke, Dramaturgy

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Bits on Pieces
More texts and contexts related to our stagings in the theatre’s journal.

Christopher Rüping inszeniert Das neue Leben – where do we go from here frei nach Dante Alighieri, Meat Loaf und Britney Spears. Vasco Boenisch, der Dramaturg der am Schauspielhaus Bochum entstandenen Inszenierung, rekapituliert im folgenden Text, der ursprünglich im Programmheft der Inszenierung veröffentlicht wurde, die Entstehung dieser Geschichte einer unerwiderten Liebe.