Is anybody home?

Staging: Marta Piras, Julia Skof

For the sake of protest, I am lazy and won’t do anything anymore. Until I just want to win and cross the finish line by myself. Behind me: the gasp of the losers.
A peaceful declaration of war against gripping stories, deluded heroines and false promises. Club 4 in the self-written everyday battlefield.

By and with
Noëmi Birchler / Linus Cart / Selma Eberle / Melika Jamili / Lisa Liner / Luana Roth / Carl-Anton Steiner / Leila Wyrsch
Marta Piras / Julia Skof
Moubarak Djibril
Stage Design
Karl Dietrich
Sophia May / Naïma Alissa Trabelsi / Ruth Wulffen
Linus Cart
  • Premiere: 20. Mai 2022, Matchbox
  • Schiffbau-Matchbox
Friday 20.05. 20:30 Schiffbau-Matchbox
  • Premiere
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Saturday 21.05. 20:30 Schiffbau-Matchbox
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Sunday 22.05. 18:00 Schiffbau-Matchbox
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