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Die Stadt durch mich

© Emma Lou Herrmann

Eine Produktion der Jugendclubs

Staging: Matthias Nüesch, Nina Tshomba, Anina Steiner

I move through the city, driven by curiosity, by unwillingness / desire, by solitude. I have no goal, I stumble, I interfere, I attract attention. I enjoy disturbing, it’s also my space. In the city through me, we deal with the city: as a space, a playground, a set of rules. We’re on the move and take space, even if it wasn’t built for us, we think and rebuild it.

By and with
Liv Blattner / Sophia Dexheimer Ibanez / Anaïs Glur / Emilie Jurt / Nika Pantic
Matthias Nüesch / Nina Tshomba / Anina Steiner
Johanna Bajohr
Stage Design
Johanna Bajohr
Johanna Bajohr
Nina Tshomba
  • Premiere: 13. Mai 2022, Pfauen-Kammer

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