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© Emma Lou Herrmann

Staging: Maja Renn, Kay Kysela

Imagine: You arrive at a party and realise that you can hear the thoughts of others.

Can I recall spoken words like a message? Why do I feel so lonely in a crowded room? Behind trendy dance moves, fleeting glances and in half-heard voice messages, emotionally charged stories of longing, attraction, jealousy, friendship, misunderstanding and vulnerability unfold over the course of the evening.

By and with
Avsin Akcay / Chiara Cardenas / Sixtine Dromigny / Mara Luise Gehring / Timo Hummel / Pelin Ipek Kir / Paula Rappaport / Elina Rüppel / Viola Schafroth / Maya Scharf / Laia Schmid Lamarty / Alexandra Steiger / Sina Stierli / Lea Widmer
Maja Renn
Kay Kysela, Maja Renn
Rosa-Lin Meessen / Yèinou Avognon
Maja Renn
Yanik Soland

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