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Performers Rule:
Manchmal aber...

Detours to the Record Launch

By Renzo Spotti

When employees of the Schauspielhaus Zürich want to realise their own ideas without passing through the theatre management, the Kammer is the place for it: Performers Rule! This time, receptionist Renzo Spotti takes us on a musical journey under the title Sometimes But It Squeaks – Detours to the Record Launch. His band Naked Fuse approaches their record release concert by concert.

19.2.   Renzo Spotti, Tenorsaxophon

22.2.  Renzo Spotti, ts;  Fridolin Blumer, b

24.2.  Renzo Spotti Trio – COMPASSION: Renzo Spotti, ts; Fridolin Blumer, b; Elmar Frey, d

25.2.  PLATTENTAUFE. NAKED FUSE – BALLDS: Renzo Spotti, ts; Dave Gisler, g;Fridolin Blumer, b; Elmar Frey, d


Music | Renzo Spotti (

Renzo Spotti
Dave Gisler
Fridolin Blumer
Elmar Frey
  • 19 February 2022

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