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Graveyard Shift: Space Afrika, Tapiwa Svosve, Asma Maroof

Asma Maroof, Space Afrika and Tapiwa Svosve 

Starting as a radio show which continued as a festival in the theatre garden last June, the collaboration with Bad Bonn now moves to the stage. The second itineration of the nomadic concert series Graveyard Shift again takes place at Pfauen.

With their slow-stepping, spacious urban dubscapes, Space Afrika harness ambient, Detroit techno and shades of England’s industrial north with a fresh and open approach to composition. Saxophonist Tapiwa Svosve, who acts in a variety of collaborations based on his interest in the energetic, moving potential of improvisation, will play live as well and Asma Maroof will initiate this edition of Graveyard Shift with a DJ-set.


Graveyard Shift is a cooperation between Schauspielhaus Zürich and Bad Bonn. The series is curated by Daniel Fontana (Bad Bonn) and Joshua Wicke and Mathis Neuhaus. 

Bits on Pieces
More texts and contexts related to our stagings in the theatre’s journal.
Staging Sounds.
An Interview with Asma Maroof

Anna Froelicher met Maroof for a glass of orange juice in the less noisy part of a trendy bar in Zurich to discuss her working method as a composer for the stage, the difference between a DJ set and an evening at the theater, the meaning of the word “underground”, and the equal value of all things sensual. The interview was originally conducted late in 2019 for the magazine zweikommasieben. We publish it again in Schauspielhaus Journal, before Asma Maroof will play a DJ-set at Pfauen for the next edition of Graveyard Shift

Andere Räume, andere Strukturen, andere Konnotationen. A Conversation with Tapiwa Svosve

Saxophonist Tapiwa Svosve im Interview über seine erste Zusammenarbeit mit Moved by the Motion, Zürcher Szene/n, weitere Kollaborationen und die Zukunft. Das Interview wurde ursprünglich 2020 geführt und wir veröffentlichen es nun noch einmal, bevor Tapiwa Svosve im Rahmen der Graveyard Shift am 24. Februar ein Konzert im Pfauen spielen wird.