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Performers Rule:
Wake Up Call

© James Bantone

By: Titilayo Adebayo

Am I a dancer or movement artist? Am I a performer or just another drama queen? Am I creative or am I just hyper active? Earlier this year Titilayo Adebayo captured their film Ghostly Sleeping Spirit using the Halle in Schiffbau as a backdrop. Inspired by the story of Sleeping Beauty Titilayo Adebayo continues their research and performance process through Wake Up Call.

WAKE UP CALL is an invitation to question what stories we tell and why we tell them. Through dance, text, music and imagination, they create this piece to investigate consent. Using appropriations of ballet and theatre forms. Wake up call is a bare exploration of the “what ifs” when it comes to the story: sun, moon and Talia. (The original version of the story sleeping beauty). It is also a performance to question ways in which trauma lives on through the stories we tell.




If a member of the ensemble wants to realise his or her own ideas without going through the theatre management, the chamber will be the place to do so in future. Performers Rule! Five times a year, images and texts, music and visions of the ensemble can become reality there.

With New Kyd
Meloe Gennai
Equipment assistance
Mona Eglsoer
Maximilian Reichert / Steven Sowah
Katrin Brändli
Robin Huwiler
  • Premiere: 18 September, Pfauen-Kammer

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