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Tender Talk Nr. 5:
Hans Unstern & Faraz Shariat

A Live-Talk online on Zoom

The Zoom-Link will be published here.


”There's someone working

On my dream

There is a someone who’s spinning

Full time Overtime Night shift

Drowsy wide awake
That’s me
On my dreams
I spin hair into gold”

…sings Hans Unstern on the newly released record "Diven". Faraz Shariat's insanely good cinematic debut, Futur Drei, also unfolds from its own story. In the hands of a writer's collective, this has been spun further into a queer coming of age story "that dares to shape society rather than reproduce it" (Shariat). In Tender Talk #5, two artists meet whose political tenderness holds transformative explosives: Hans Unstern makes songs, texts, musical instruments, performances and theatre and meets director and scriptwriter Faraz Shariat in the Schauspielhaus’ virtual Zoom-salon.


Tender Talks: Every fortnight, the Schauspielhaus invites two individuals to engage in a dialogue on Zoom; where they get in touch with each other by speaking and thinking.

The Zoom-Link to Tender Talk #5 will be uploaded here before the discussion.

The talk will be held in German with simultaneous translation into English and will last approximately 60 minutes. There will be an opportunity to ask questions afterwards.
No registration necessary.


Bits on Pieces
More texts and contexts related to our stagings in the theatre’s journal.

In Tender Talk #5 trafen zwei Künstler*innen aufeinander, deren politische Zärtlichkeit transformativen Sprengstoff in sich birgt: Hans Unstern macht Songs, Texte, Musikinstrumente, Performances, Theater und begegnete im virtuellen Schauspielhaus Zoom-Salon dem Regisseur und Drehbuchautor Faraz Shariat, dessen Kinodebut Futur Drei im September letzten Jahres veröffentlicht wurde. Die Regisseurin und Dramaturgin Anta Helena Recke, die Unstern und Shariat kennt, hat sich den Tender Talk angeschaut und ihre Gedanken dazu festgehalten. Der Text ist hier nachzulesen und der Aufzeichnung des Tender Talks zur Seite gestellt.