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Streaming Open Haus:
TriOlogie Streichtrio

Foto: TriOlogie

Until we can open our stage for visitors again,
we will stream the Open House productions live from the Pfauen.

Wild, fresh, classic – that is TriOlogie!

The dynamic string trio delights with great flexibility in sound and convinces with technical precision. Their intuitive understanding of music enables the aspiring musicians to effortlessly follow the impulses of the music and to concentrate entirely on the fusion of the instrumental colours. With deep emotions lived in the music, the string trio moves its listeners and interprets classical music in a contemporary, avant-garde and attractive way! The innovative ensemble is also characterised by its flexible formation. Cellist Elodie Théry and violist Meredith Kuliew are integral members of the trio, while the violinist's player varies. In their current production, the string trio plays with the accomplished violinist Anna Mikolasek.


About the Series “Open Haus”:
The Schauspielhaus Zürich opens the Pflauen stage to freelance artists from the fields of theatre, music, literature, dance, performance or comedy. The proceeds go to the artists. An open call has been published for this purpose.