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Exit Moria

Discussion with Haydar Ahmadi, Malek Ossi, Lea Hungerbühler, Lucia Aguilar & Kathrin Berg/Lesvos Solidarity

The images of the burning camps in Moria were too much to bear. The camp no longer exists. But Moria still does: as a symbol of European asylum policy. The familiar image is often from a distance, but mistakenly so; for refugees have long been here and part of our society. In the podium discussion Exit Moria, their perspectives take center focus.

The Livestream will be published for free on this site.



With Heydar Ahmadi, Malek Ossi, Lea Hungerbühler, Lucia Aguilar, Kathrin Berg/ Lesvos Solidarity

«Exit Moria» ist als Podiumsreihe gedacht, in welcher Themen rund um Flucht & Migration behandelt werden.

  • German
  • 🛈 Die Veranstaltung wird aufgrund der Corona-Situation ausschliesslich via Livestream übertragen. Der Link wird im Vorfeld hier publiziert.