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Der Rest ist Schweiz

Round table and film for Christoph Schlingensief

2020 – 10th anniversary of his death, 60th birthday of Christoph Schlingensief. With his works such as Hamlet(2002), Attabambi-Pornoland (2004) and Sterben lernen (2009), Schlingensief inscribed himself in the city's memory, and showed Zurich how art penetrates life. What remains today of the “Dude with the megaphone”? Who is expanding the concept of art? Who is putting their finger in the wound or does nobody want to see it anymore?

With Sebastian Rudolph / Sandra Umathum / Carolijn Terwindt

After the discussion the film Hamlet – This is your family by Peter Kern will be presented.

  • 28 November 2020
  • No surtitles