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König der Frösche

© James Bantone

By: Nicolas Stemann
After the fairytale Der Froschkönig of Gebrüder Grimm

“...– tap, tap - plash, plash – as if something was creeping up the marble staircase...” When the king’s daughter drops her golden ball into the well, she is obliged to rely on the help of a disagreeable inhabitant of those dark depths: a frog. He negotiates a good deal for himself: the golden ball in exchange for a foot up the social ladder. However, in the palace he turns out to be much too slimy for the princess’s liking.

This time the premiere really is going ahead, after the first opening night fell victim to the pandemic in November 2020. After overhauling Snow White into Snow White Beauty Queen, Nicolas Stemann is now turning to The Frog Prince, retelling it as a fairy tale about sleazy and touching, rich and poor versions of masculinity.


  • 2h (with interval)
  • Premiere: 13 November 2021, Pfauen
  • Also interesting for ages 8 and up

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