© Michiel Devijver

Staging: Milo Rau
Text: Milo Rau & Ensemble

In 2007 in Calais, a whole family hanged themselves: the parents and their two children. Never a motive was found, the suicide note stated: “We messed up, sorry.” Family is an experiment, an ethnological study of today’s private life, shows an evening like many – only that it is the last one. And in this exhibition of the everyday, the big questions arise: Why are we here? Wouldn’t it be better if we disappear? On stage: the actor-couple An Miller and Filip Peeters with their teenage daughters – a real family. With this existential family drama Milo Rau completes his trilogy of modern crimes.

With Leonce Peeters / Louisa Peeters / An Miller / Filip Peeters
Milo Rau
Milo Rau
Set Design
Anton Lukas
Costume design
Louisa Peeters / Anton Lukas
Video and Live-Camera
Moritz von Dungern
Dennis Diels
Dramaturgy & Research
Carmen Hornbostel

A production by NTGent co-produced by Romaeuropa Festival, ünstlerhaus Mousonturm, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Théâtre de Liège, Scène Nationale d'Albi.

This production was realised with the support of The Belgian Tax Shelter.

  • 1h 30min (no break)
  • Zurich-Premiere: 5. January 2024, Pfauen
  • In Dutch with English and German surtitles.
  • 🛈 ***Trigger warning: This production contains the subject of suicide, depression, mental illness, drug & alcohol abuse, systemic, physical & sexualized violence. ***

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