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Beauty Queen for Adults

© Zoé Aubry

By: Nicolas Stemann, after: Gebrüder Grimm

Staging: Nicolas Stemann

In his family production, Nicolas Stemann reimagines this renowned fairy tale by farcically confronting it with the absurdity of our present time; thus, unsettling subtextis revealed which can only be subtly hinted at in a children’s play. In addition to many performances at child-friendly times, a special version for adults, a kind of “director’s cut”, will be performed at prime time.

  • 2 hours 20 minutes, incl 1 break
  • Zum ersten Mal: 4. December 2019
  • Also interesting for ages 16
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 04.12., 10.12., 26.12., 08.01., 01.02., 10.02. and 29.02.

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