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Apropos … „Du bist schuld!“

World première

When is someone guilty? Which song occurs to you when you think of guilt? What is guilt? Can animals be guilty? What is guilt good for? When and why have you placed the blame on somebody? Primary school children from the Limmat C and Fluntern schools have explored these and other questions regarding the tension between “guilt and innocence.” Accompanied by the playwright and novelist Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer, they have invented stories and recorded them in the form of novellas, scenes and poems, for which director Enrico Beeler has invented stage interpretations together with professional actors. All involved have been inspired by the children’s texts, combining them with their own experiences and points of view.

With Robert Baranowski, Katharina Heissenhuber, Ute Sengebusch, Lukas Waldvogel
Enrico Beeler
Bühne und Kostüm
Cornelia Koch
Jörg Menke-Peitzmeyer
Petra Fischer
Simon Ho
Matthias Müller
Lighting Designer
Rasmus Stahel
PrimarschülerInnen der Schulhäuser Limmat C und Fluntern
Amelie Hafner
Werner Hug

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