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A Georg Kreisler evening with Nikolaus Habjan and Franui

In their first performance at the Schauspielhaus, puppeteer, puppet maker and director Nikolaus Habjan and successful Austrian band Franui will dedicate an evening to the Viennese composer, cabaret artist and poet Georg Kreisler. The piece will focus on Kreisler’s years in Switzerland. Living in Basel between 1992 and 2007, Kreisler took a critically humorous approach to Switzerland during this period. “In my opinion, his absurd verses, with their profound sense of comedy, are among the best in the genre of German chanson. They are so topical that you could think they were written yesterday,” says Nikolaus Habjan.

The piece is set in a disused border station. The figures of the Kreisler cosmos encounter one another in this no-man’s land and place of transition; memories are reawakened, and stories of love and death, yearning and enmity, surprising relationships and strangely happy moments unfold. Together with his puppets and members of the Schauspielhaus ensemble, Nikolaus Habjan has developed an entertaining, socio-critical piece of musical theatre on the basis of Georg Kreisler’s texts and songs.

With Benito Bause, Nikolaus Habjan, Claudius Körber, Miriam Maertens, Michael Neuenschwander, Elisa Plüss
Regie und Puppenbau
Nikolaus Habjan
Set Designer
Jakob Brossmann
Costume Designer
Denise Heschl
Text und Musik
Georg Kreisler
Musikalische Leitung
Andreas Schett
Robbert van Steijn, Claudio Bergantini
Rea Kost, Niklaus Kost
Nikolaus Habjan, Manuela Linshalm
Gwendolyne Melchinger, Amely Joana Haag
Lighting Designer
Frank Bittermann
Assistant Director
Manon Pfrunder
Assistant Stage Designer
Selina Puorger
Assistant Costume Designer
Tiziana Angela Ramsauer
Internship Stage Design
Claudia Bolte
Stage Manager
Dagmar Renfer
János Stefan Buchwardt
Musicbanda Franui
Romed Hopfgartner (Klarinette, Bassklarinette, Sopran- und Altsaxophon), Markus Kraler (Kontrabass, Akkordeon, Klavier), Angelika Rainer (Harfe, Zither), Bettina Rainer (Hackbrett), Andreas Schett (Trompete, Flügelhorn), Nikolai Tunkowitsch (Violine)

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