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Die zweite Frau

by Nino Haratischwili

Most recently celebrated for her great novels, „The Eighth Life (for Brilka)“ and „The Cat and the General,“ the author is often interested in female figures, their tricks for survival, their hidden depths and their beauty. Haratischwili came to Germany from Georgia as a young woman and has since lived a life with a dual vision, inventing her very own language. In „Die zweite Frau“ (The Second Wife), three women clash: a mother and daughter from the West, and Lena from the East, who has been hired as a domestic help. The daughter of the family is attempting to break out of her tedious parental home and, as a monstrous adolescent, to make a roaring departure. In this „old people’s home, Europe,“ Lena has to earn enough money to support her children. While Laura, the mother, is planning her great revenge! Nobody has any idea that she is suffering from cancer. The domestic help is supposed to step into her shoes and continue to live her life after her death – and adopt some „re-educational measures“ for her daughter and husband. The plan indeed seems to work. „The Second Wife“ is both a tragedy and a darkly humorous story about female emancipation and the question as to whether we are able to put our lives on the right track. Maximilian Enderle, director’s assistant at the Schauspielhaus, presents his first own production.

With Katrija Lehmann, Isabelle Menke, Lena Drieschner
Maximilian Enderle
Marie Hartung
Natascha Leonie Simons
Costume Designer
Liv Senn und Tiziana Angela Ramsauer
Viola Hasselberg
Ilona Kannewurf
Assistant Director
Anju Sauter

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