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Salon des Gelingens

In Ruedi Häusermann’s tenth production at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the musicians of the Henosode Quartet (Henosode, a Bernese dialect expression, means “That’s the way it is”), are joined on stage by seven players. Together, they explore the mysterious connections between music and space, and conduct various experiments: How does a cloud wander? How can we make people and objects disappear? How do we capture an echo? It is about concentration, zeal, and the discoveries that can be made when there is no objective. Häusermann tells us about astonishment at what can be achieved in art: that we seemingly occupy ourselves with nothing. The evening, which, as always, is a secret concert, climaxes with a surprise – in a coarsely subtle paean to the theatre. We are unable to reveal more here.

With Benedikt Bindewald, Maike Bräutigam, Kathrin Brogli, Josa Gerhard, Christoph Hampe, Sara Hubrich, Oliver Truffer, Shane Lutomirski, Klaus Brömmelmeier, Matthias Neukirch, Herwig Ursin
Regie und Komposition
Ruedi Häusermann
Set Designer
Bettina Meyer
Costume Designer
Sabine Hilscher
Lighting Designer
Markus Keusch
Viola Hasselberg
Internship Costumes
Jeanne Milani
Internship Stage Design
Viviane Rapp
Assistant Director
Manon Pfrunder
Assistant Stage Designer
Sandra Antille
Assistant Costume Designer
Tiziana Angela Ramsauer
Internship Direction
Artemisia Valisa und Peter Gruber
Stage Manager
Dagmar Renfer

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