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Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch

by Michael Ende

It is New Year’s Eve, and the magical privy councillor Professor[TA1]  Irrwitzer and his aunt, the money-minded sorceress Tyrannja Vamperl, have neglected to fulfil their quota of wicked deeds for the year. They were supposed to make at least ten thousand trees die, permanently poison five rivers, exterminate various species, and much more besides. If only there were some magic ingredient to accelerate the destruction! Then Tyrannja gets her hands on the recipe for the satanical, archaeologically mendacious, alcoholic wish potion, which can solve all her problems by midnight. However, the raven Jakob Krakel and the tom cat Maurizio di Mauro get wind of their machinations and thwart their diabolical schemes. Perhaps the destruction of our planet can be prevented? A race against time begins. “Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch” is one of author Michael Ende’s last great works – extremely topical, highly amusing and with a fast and furious plot. Christina Rast’s most recent production at the Schauspielhaus was “Das doppelte Lottchen".

With Hans Kremer, Ludwig Boettger, Vera Flück, Claudius Körber, Friederike Wagner, Manuela Hollenweger, Nadège Kanku, Iris Pauli (Ersatz), Rinesa Bajrami, Indigo Marti Bernasconi, Benjamin Bubica, Anastas Caha, Rosa Curi, Leonie Eggenberger, Kaj Galmarini, Carla Kalberer, Julia Kalberer, Matti Kramer, Elina Künzi, Emilia Künzi, Ranyah Mejri, Lijandro Osoria, Neva Osoria, Indira Rodrigue, Manuela Hollenweger
Christina Rast
Bühne und Kostüme
Franziska Rast
Patrik Zeller
Sounddesign und Musik
Martin Hofstetter
Katja Moll
Lighting Designer
Gerhard Patzelt
Benjamin Große, Amely Joana Haag
Assistant Director
Manon Pfrunder
Assistant Stage Designer
Sandra Antille
Assistant Costume Designer
Annina Gull
Stage Manager
Ralf Fuhrmann
János Stefan Buchwardt
Theatre Education
Carola Berendts
Internship Direction
Alina Schmidli, Artemisia Valisa

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