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By Liv Heløe

Shaya and Feda seem to have regained their footing and a roof over their heads. They want to leave their past and what they have experienced behind them in order to make a new start. However, day-to-day life in the refugee hostel is bleak. Shaya and Feda refuse to let their days pass by aimlessly. Yet they encounter resistance and are ostracised. La’lia has a job and a flat, but is nonetheless searching for something. All three of them have desires for the future. La’lia lends Shaya money so that he can make something of himself, but this moment of happiness does not last long. Doubts and self-reproach prevent him from meeting La’lia again, although he longs for her. However, when Shaya eventually overcomes his misgivings and goes to La’lia, she is waiting for him with a new challenge.

With Robert Baranowski, Dominik Blumer, Tabea Buser, Josef Mohamed
Enrico Beeler
Set Designer
Marc Totzke
Costume Designer
Cornelia Koch
Dominik Blumer
Petra Fischer
Lighting Designer
Rasmus Stahel
Sound / Video
Matthias Müller
Amelie Hafner
Theatre Education
Jelena Moser

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