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By Katja Brunner

Who are we, where are we? To begin with, in an elegant sitting room, cocooned in bourgeois comfort; then on a village square with an old woman plucking a chicken; or at a fair of fun machines and heated hearts. A man and three women from different generations question the state of the nation, the world in which they live, and themselves, their place within it. We cannot escape ourselves. Everything we carry within us is history. Our own, that of others, and that of an entire generation – shaped in turn by earlier generations. We have become what we are. Where guilt and the conscience dwell, the collective memory becomes visible. We must remember, for truth is deceptive, “a flexible rod.” And time changes things. For her play written for the Schauspielhaus, the Swiss author Katja Brunner creates a panopticon of our time: eloquent, humorous and socio-critical.

With Julia Kreusch, Lisa-Katrina Mayer, Robert Rožić, Vreni Urech
Barbara Falter
Set Designer
Dominik Freynschlag
Costume Designer
Noelle Brühwiler
Lighting Designer
Thomas Adam, Gerhard Patzelt
Gwendolyne Melchinger
Assistant Director
Valeria Popp
Sandro Corbat

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