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Am Königsweg

By Elfriede Jelinek

“To me, the King doesn’t look as if he wants to do anything at all. Except incur debts – but that’s also our fault.”

Elfriede Jelinek’s sombre, meandering text focuses on kings governing worlds and the prophets/prophetesses who comment on their rule. Both are afflicted by blindness. The author takes a look at current global developments, letting motifs from mythology and western cultural history shine through, paraphrasing, counteracting and lampooning them as “visionary poetess” who eternally passes comment. “King” Donald Trump, who owes his supremacy to his activities as a property dealer, casino operator and reality TV performer, stands in the context of a world system whose power and ownership structures are based on credit and debt. Jelinek prophesies that those who have always accompanied civilisation as poets and thinkers will eventually fall silent.

With Sandra Gerling, Henrike Johanna Jörissen, Isabelle Menke, Elisa Plüss, Miriam Maertens, Julia Kreusch, Becky Lee Walters, Réka Csiszér
Stefan Pucher
Set Designer
Barbara Ehnes
Costumes and Puppets
Annabelle Witt
Christopher Uhe
Chris Kondek
Video Assistant
Ruth Stofer
Lighting Designer
Frank Bittermann
Andreas Karlaganis
Assistant Director
Marco Milling
Assistant Stage Designer
Sandra Antille
Assistant Costume Designer
Selina Tholl
Literary Assistant
Benjamin Große
János Stefan Buchwardt
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer
Christine Gross
Puppet Trainer
Dorothee Metz
Internship Direction
Linda Etter, Mirjam Berger

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