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Peter Pan

By J. M. Barrie

One night, Peter Pan comes to Wendy, Michael and John, and lures the three siblings into flying with him to Neverland – a place full of fairy dust and wild battles. On this fantastical island, anyone can do anything, as long as they believe they can – even fly. This is the home of Peter Pan and the “Lost Boys.” Together, they fight Captain Hook and his notorious pirates. Everything is thrills and spills, and one great, spectacular game. Only one thing is missing here: mothers. Neverland is a symbol of childhood, but J. M. Barrie’s classic, “Peter Pan,” also tells the story of outcasts and forgotten children. Director Ingo Berk stages the production together with the puppeteer Mervyn Millar, with whom he also created a fantastical world of adventure for “Die Brüder Löwenherz” (2014).

With Claudius Körber, Matthias Neukirch, Kornelia Lüdorff, Anna Blomeier, Dominic Hartmann, Silvio Kretschmer, Julian-Nico Tzschentke, Benito Bause, Jasper Engelhardt, Sarah Gailer, Johanna Köster, Ludwig Boettger
Ingo Berk
Mervyn Millar, Christine Rippmann
Set Designer
Damian Hitz
Costume Designer
Eva Krämer
Patrik Zeller
Karolin Trachte
Lighting Designer
Christoph Kunz
Assistant Director
Manon Pfrunder
Assistant Stage Designer
Sandra Antille
Assistant Costume Designer
Sabrina Bosshard
Rita von Horváth
Stage Manager
Dagmar Renfer
Theatre Education
Carola Berendts
Fight choreographies
Salomé Schneebeli
Internship Direction
Selina Rohr, Alexandra Wittmer
Internship Costumes
Laura Hasenöhrl
Internship Stage Design and Costumes
Camille Spiller

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