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Grim(m) Tales

Fairy tales are mesmerizing. Fairy tales are full of secrets. And they are the gateway to an unknown world which they help us decipher. It's a world inside us, past and present. A world full of magic, faith, hope, and new discoveries. Fairy tales live on their being circulated, retold, and developed, which is why the Grimm brothers' extensive Œuvre is trawled for new and unforeseen constellations. Like prisoners in a golden cage, familiar characters and creatures mix and recombine in ways undreamt of. The Grimm matrix is turned upside down and a new stories unfold cutting to the quick more radically and viciously – to our utter enchantment. We are at the mercy of all the stories we made up ourselves long ago. The Grim Reaper and Snow White are rushing to our rescue, perhaps carrying the key to the secret door – carrying us over the threshold to who knows where.

With Henrike Johanna Jörissen, Elisa Plüss, Anne Ratte-Polle, Friederike Wagner, Claudius Körber, Nicolas Rosat, Markus Scheumann, Florian Anderer
Herbert Fritsch
Set Designer
Herbert Fritsch
Costume Designer
Victoria Behr
Lighting Designer
Gerhard Patzelt
Evy Schubert
Assistant Director
Sonja Streifinger
Assistant Stage Designer
Simon Sramek
Assistant Costume Designer
Markus Karkhof
Literary Assistant
Benjamin Grosse
Katja Weppler, János Stefan Buchwardt
Internship Direction
Carla Marfurt, Petra Ratiu, Judith Skupjen
Literary Internship
Michelle Haenni
Internship Costumes
Leda Fluri
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer

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