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In Formation

By Guy Krneta

The media landscape is changing radically. The Fourth Estate is yielding to the force of the users, who prefer to browse the web in search of information and arguments rather than buy a newspaper. A gap is opening up: On one side there are the newspapers vilified as “lying press” generally suspected of being influenced by the political elite and cold-blooded financial investors. On the other side there are the “consumers and users” searching for online information, whose virtual moves are feeding the algorithms of search engines and online platforms, and are subjected to them at the same time. Is the much-trumpeted decline of the newspapers putting democracy to the test?  Spoken-word author Guy Krneta and director Sebastian Nübling developed this new piece on the basis of their research in editorial offices, in the back rooms of the powers that be and on the breeding grounds of new journalism. Performances are followed by audience talks with experts from various areas of the media landscape.

With Klaus Brömmelmeier, Laurin Buser, Rahel Hubacher, Henrike Johanna Jörissen, Nicolas Rosat
Sebastian Nübling
Set Designer
Muriel Gerstner
Costume Designer
Pascale Martin
Lars Wittershagen
Andreas Karlaganis, Irina Müller
Lighting Designer
Rainer Küng
Assistant Director
Clara Isabelle Dobbertin
Assistant Stage Designer
Selina Puorger
Assistant Costume Designer
Sabrina Bosshard, Marcus Karkhof
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer
Katja Weppler
Internship Direction
Kenza Nessaf

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