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Adapted from the film by Lars von Trier

A young woman is on the run. She arrives at Dogville – a godforsaken place at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, at the very beginning or the very end of human civilisation. A gang of criminals is after her and she has no other choice than to seek shelter in Dogville. Tom, a young wannabe writer, offers protection and persuades the locals to take up Grace in exchange for her labour. Gradually she is winning over the community, and Tom in particular. When the police turn up in Dogville looking for Grace, the mood swings against the foreigner. Affection turns into hate, love into violence. Grace is the tortured beast – until the story takes an unexpected turn.

Lars von Trier tells the story of the town of Dogville through the medium of epic theatre. His experimental arrangement is a modern narrative of the Passion that gets under your skin, and a gripping drama about power and revenge.

With Nils Kahnwald, Edmund Telgenkämper, Katja Bürkle, Ludwig Boettger, Michael Neuenschwander, Hilke Altefrohne, Isabelle Menke, Anne Eigner, Fritz Fenne, Klaus Brömmelmeier, Andrea Zogg, Michael Verhovec, Julian Lehr, Sophie Schönsee/Sophie Voigt, Madita Keller/Mia Brunet, Morgane Brunet/Grace Taylor
Stephan Kimmig
Set Designer
Katja Hass
Costume Designer
Johanna Pfau
Michael Verhovec
Gwendolyne Melchinger
Assistant Director
Clara Isabelle Dobbertin
Assistant Stage Designer
Simon Sramek, Marie Hartung
Assistant Costume Designer
Tiziana Angela Ramsauer
János Stefan Buchwardt
Stage Manager
Ralf Fuhrmann
Lighting Designer
Gerhard Patzelt
Internship Stage Design
Madeleine Kerber
Internship Direction
Jonas Trautner
Theatre Education
Anne Britting

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