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King A

The heroic stories surrounding King Arthur and the Holy Grail haven’t lost any of their fascination since they were created. Arthur faces his being proclaimed king by the other knights. In spite of many doubts, fears and insecurities, he assumes responsibility. Gathering his friends and companions around him, he establishes the Round Table as a new form of cohabitation. The table makes those sitting around it equal, there is no gradation. In that, the knightly ideals of equality and fairness seem to have found their proper expression. Soon, however, the challenges abound. How loyal can you be? When should you decide in favour of your friends, when do you make your own choices?

Concepts like betrayal, honour, equal rights are being put to the test. How can you manage to stick to your ideals and aspirations against all odds and setbacks?

With Robert Baranowski, Judith Cuénod, Tim Czerwonatis, Josef Mohamed, Fabian Müller
Theo Fransz
Stage Design and Costumes
Mareile  Krettek
Markus Reyhani, Matthias Müller
Fight Coach
Lukas Schmocker
Petra Fischer
Lighting Designer
Rasmus Stahel
Amelie Hafner, Martina Kaufmann
Internship Costumes
Lea Hofer
Theatre Education
Manuela Runge, Carola Berendts

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