A Year of Theatre Practice


Every year, five young people have the opportunity to be part of the Schauspielhaus Zürich for an entire season. For 12 months they are part of the theatre pedagogy team and, in addition, can work in the areas of directing, dramaturgy, project planning and public relations. Furthermore, they can get a taste of all other departments as well. Together with the theatre pedagogy, they design and co-lead workshops with school classes and assist with the youth clubs. They visit rehearsals, help the dramaturges with research, and eavesdrop on management meetings. Maybe they stand in as extras, maybe they help set designers build models. They certainly develop their own formats and are organisers of the Open Stage. During this trial year, the Five are extensively accompanied and supported.


The Open Stage is a series of events organized and carried out by Theaterjahr and offers all young people the opportunity to try themselves out on stage in 10-minute contributions. The Open Stage takes place every second Saturday of the month at Matchbox in Schiffbau.

For every second open stage, the Theaterjahr also offers a pre-event workshop to get you in the mood for the open stage. The number of participants is limited to 20 and registration is required via theaterjahr [​at​] schauspielhaus.ch or via Instagram DM @theaterjahr.schauspielhaus.ch.

Theaterjahr 23/24: Selma Jamal Aldin, Anna Vankova, Philipp Stevens, Emilia Wehrli, Lisa-Maria Liner

Theaterjahr 2022/23:
Maimuna Barry, Giorgio Dridi, Anouk Eugster, Luca Schäfer und Elisabeth Schüepp

Hott Flohmi

The Hott Flohmi is not just a flea market, but much more a space for new acquaintances, live music, artistic contributions or simply a sip of hot soup. It is a project of the Theaterjahr and took place for the first time in October 2022. The Hott Flohmi is not a profit-oriented space. For those who don't have the time or feel like hosting a booth, there will be an uncommercial clothing swap corner where you can drop off your clothes. Thank you for coming by <3!

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The Theaterjahr 2021/22:
Enno Rennenkampff, Rosa-Lin Meessen, Moubi Djibril, Yèinou Avognon, Anina Steiner

The final project of the theater year 2021/22 was the production "K", which was shown at the Blickfelder Festival on June 10 and 11. More info about the production.

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The Theaterjahr 2020/21:
Lia Cattaneo, David Gees, Salome Immoos, Lina Hasenfratz and Joëlle Gbeassor.

Final project «Nichts oder Null»

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Das Theaterjahr 2019/20:
Anna Gerber, Deborah Macaulay, Lara Fuchs, Jasmin Gloor und Sascha Bitterli.

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