Open air cinema
at Schiffbau garden

Aftercare Cinema

After the Happy End Closing Festival, we invite you, together with the RiffRaff & Houdini cinemas and in cooperation with Porny Days, to the last edition of the summer cinema in the cosy Schiffbau garden: Go on holiday with Ren and her family in Something You Said Last Night or immerse yourself in the intimate stories of the Smoke Sauna Sisterhood in the Estonian forest, experience community in Füür Brännt or discover the ghosts of Anhell69 in the Colombian city of Medellín, reinvent the musical genre with Reas or join in the excitement with the revolutionary coalition of dogs in Isle of Dogs. This week of is dedicated to community care, and it means well for you.

Tuesday, 11 June: Opening Night

Opening Concert: Tapiwa Svosve WOODWORKS VOL. II(a) SOLO

Tapiwa Svosve, born 1995, is a Musician and Theorist. He is invested with multidisciplinary practices - combining sound to theatre, painting, and historical praxis and currently lives in Zurich. The WOODWORKS VOLUMES are a loose collection of compositions constantly oscillating between sound installation and performance: collapsing ideas in a shared mass of grey, our muddled memories intertwined ((1986- )).

Canada/Switzerland 2022
Director: Luis De Filippis
96 minutes
English & Italian with German & French subtitles
From 16 years

*Introduction with co-producers Rhea Plangg & Michael Graf*

In his mid-twenties and newly unemployed, Ren goes on a family vacation. What mutates into a stormy stress test for the family dynamic becomes a clarifying self-awareness experience for Ren. As a trans woman, she fights against the discomfort she feels at the seaside resort and struggles with her contradictory desire to be independent and cared for at the same time.

Wednesday, 12 June

Argentina/Switzerland 2024
Director: Lola Arias
83 minutes
Spanish with German & French subtitles
From 16 years

*Introduction with director Lola Arias*

Yoseli wants to go to Paris, but she is arrested at the airport for drug trafficking. Nacho is a trans man who ends up in prison for fraud. And Noelia simply doesn't want to end up on the street again. Whether gentle or tough, blonde or shaved, cis or trans: in this hybrid musical, they all play out their true past in prison and dream of their future - in trance-balance, voguing and in a rock band.

Thursday, 13 June

Switzerland 2023
Director: Michael Karrer
74 minutes
Swiss German with English subtitles
From 16 years

*Introduction with director Michael Karrer*

They hang out together, whether it's the teens on the banks of the Limmat, the kids between the skyscrapers or millennial friends in the garden. They chill out, play, laugh, discuss and argue until late, only to go their separate ways again shortly before sunrise. What has just happened on this decelerated Zurich summer night?

Friday, 14 June

In dialog with a stranded woman, lecture-performance

This series is dedicated to the witches, knowing women and their companions from the past and present who permeate the Schauspielhaus program. After Tina Omayemi Reden's and Ines Kleesattel's keynotes on Tambourines and Blutstück in February, midwife and theorist Pascale Schreibmüller comes to share her knowledge before the film Smoke Sauna Sisterhood.

Estonia/France/Iceland 2023
Director: Anna Hints
89 minutes
Estonian with German & French subtitles
From 16 years

Women of different ages and backgrounds meet in a traditional sauna hut in the Estonian forests. As the covers come off, so do the taboos. In the protective darkness and warmth, the women share their secrets and thoughts and realize what self-love means. The sauna ritual and female solidarity unfold their healing effect.

Saturday, 15 June

❤️ Presented with the Porny Days Film Festival ❤️
*Introduction with Talaya Schmid and Emanuel Signer*

Brazil 2021
Director: Éri Sarmet
26 minutes
Portuguese with English subtitles
From 16 years

A middle-aged motorcyclist who is tired of loneliness goes to a lesbian party for the first time, where she meets four young polyamorous queer people. They get involved with each other and drift through the weekend together. A meeting of the generations and a tribute to those who brought us here.

Colombia / Germany / France / Romania 2022
Director: Theo Montoya
75 minutes
Spanish with German subtitles
From 16 years

His first movie was actually supposed to be a feature film. A young director remembers the preparations for his first film, a B-movie about ghosts. He wanted to cast his friends, the young queer people from Medellín who are fighting against a repressive environment. But his main actor, whose Instagram name is Anhell69, dies of an overdose, as do so many other friends. Nevertheless, a movie is made, albeit a very different one than planned. Half reconstructed, half imagined, Theo Montoya's directorial debut Anhell69 tells of the dreams and fears, the excesses and melancholy of a generation that does not believe in the future. A fluid film about the power of community and the thin line between life and death premiered during the Venice Film Festival's Critics' Week and was awarded the Golden Dove at the international Dok.Leipzig festival. A poetic, deeply political evocation of spirits!

Sunday, 16 June

England/Germany/Japan/USA 2018
Director: Wes Anderson
101 minutes
English & Japanese with German subtitles
From 10 years

Under the pretext of an impending pandemic, all the four-legged friends of a Japanese megacity are banished to the garbage island off the coast. When young Atari lands there in search of his dog, the abandoned strays have already organized themselves. At the same time, resistance against the corrupt city government is forming on the mainland. A fabulous stop-motion film taking sides with the undesirables of this world.