A Max Frisch trip through Zurich, time and anger

Direction Stephan Müller / Rooms Michael Simon / Costume Designer Carla Caminati / Sound Fabian Kalker / Movies Tom Gerber
Cast Susanne-Marie Wrage, Wanda Winzenried, Michael Neuenschwander, Edmund Telgenkämper, Christian Baumbach, Mike Müller

Susanne-Marie Wrage
Wanda Winzenried
Michael Neuenschwander
Edmund Telgenkämper
Christian Baumbach
(Movies) Mike Müller
Direction Stephan Müller
Rooms Michael Simon, Lukas Stucki
Costume Designer Carla Caminati
Sound Fabian Kalker
Movies Tom Gerber
Dramaturg Gwendolyne Melchinger
Production Manager Jörg Schwahlen
Camera Hans Meier
Assistant Director Nikolai Prawdzic
Assistant Stage Design and Costume Annina Gull
Internship Direction Lucia Gränicher
Max Frisch was born in Zurich. He worked, lived and died here. Zurich was the centre of his existence. He would repeatedly move away, only to return home, time and again. Zurich appears constantly in his work – as a city, a home town, a place of political resistance. “Trouble in Paradise” takes us on a journey through Zurich. We follow Frisch’s oeuvre and wander through this – his – city. The journey covers places in Zurich that are closely linked to Max Frisch – places that are dedicated to his literary work, speeches, interviews, diaries, notations, and prose. The latter offers dramatic potential, be it in the form of debate, micro-drama or interrogation, hymn or insult, a report by messenger, or a lamentation for the dead. We experience the world through Frisch’s spectacles. The life-themes of utopia, democracy, love and aging are assigned to respective locations: we move from the Federal Institute of Technology to the Kasernenareal (the city’s former barracks), the Old Botanical Garden, then down into a tunnel inside Zurich, and finally to the place of Frisch’s theatrical mission: the Pfauen.

Zürich/Verschiedene Schauplätze

  • Stadt Zurich
  • Swiss Re
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Migros