Hello, Mister MacGuffin!

By René Pollesch

World premiere

Direction René Pollesch / Stage Design and Costume Anna Viebrock
Cast Sophie Rois, Hilke Altefrohne, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Jirka Zett, Inga Busch

Sophie Rois
Hilke Altefrohne
Marie Rosa Tietjen
Jirka Zett
Inga Busch
Direction René Pollesch
Stage Design and Costume Anna Viebrock
Lighting Christoph Kunz
Literary Manager Karolin Trachte
Assistant Director Clara Isabelle Dobbertin
Assistant Stage Designer Ana Brotankova
Assistant Costume Designer Sabrina Bosshard
Internship Direction Fabiola Kuonen
Literary Internship Andrea Frei
Prompter Rita von Horváth
Stage Management Ralf Fuhrmann

“There is one in almost every film. It’s the falcon from ‘The Maltese Falcon,’ the tesseract in ‘The Avengers.’ It’s always the thing that concerns the actors on screen, but about which the audience cares little. Alfred Hitchcock gave it the name. It is thus an object that owes its prominence to its very insignificance. Towards the end of the film, the MacGuffin also becomes quite irrelevant for the protagonists. And I would like to prevent that. I exist, after all… so my name is MacGuffin.”
René Pollesch

For the first time, René Pollesch will be staging one of his avant-garde comedies in a set by designer Anna Viebrock, who is already very well-known in Zurich. The piece combines Pollesch’s idiosyncratically witty language with slapstick and quotations from revues and classic films. The actors and actresses investigate the phenomena of love, everyday life and self-exploitation in times of modern capitalism.


Sa, 03 Mar 20:15 Tickets Premiere anschl. öffentliche Premierenfeier mit DJ Chris Stuehn
Tu, 06 Mar 20:15 Tickets Demokratischer Frühling
Carte Blanche
We, 07 Mar 20:15 Tickets Demokratischer Frühling
Su, 11 Mar 19:15 Tickets Demokratischer Frühling
Mo, 12 Mar 20:15 Tickets anschl. Publikumsgespräch
We, 14 Mar 20:15 Tickets Demokratischer Frühling
Einführung um 19:30
Fr, 16 Mar 20:15 Tickets Demokratischer Frühling
Su, 22 Apr 19:15 Demokratischer Frühling
Mo, 23 Apr 20:15 Einführung um 19:30
We, 25 Apr 20:15 Demokratischer Frühling Carte Blanche
Th, 26 Apr 20:15 Demokratischer Frühling Schiffbau-Abo
We, 02 May 20:15 Demokratischer Frühling
Th, 03 May 20:50 Demokratischer Frühling

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